We’re backed by a full service creative agency so we get campaigns and how video needs to fit all the right specs, including for online video and social media. We also understand exhibits and can create powerful video that communicates without audio when it needs to.

We specialise in 2D, 3D and video ads.


2D animation provides the best balance between budget and result, bringing brands, graphics and illustrations to life with voice, music and movement. Whether you’re telling a story, explaining a complex topic or trying to influence viewer attitudes or behaviours, 2D works and is powerful online or on screens of every size.

Still photos can supplement 2D animations, especially in video ads where people and products might need to be shown as photo-real, or when animation is secondary to the campaign or video creative. Our photographers suit every budget and creative requirement.

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Bang for buck, 3D promises the greatest potential for awe-inspiring visuals that push the boundaries for unique results. The budgets are a little richer but so is the finished product. Whether you’re creating a vision of the future, forming water into real-world objects or viewing the earth from a vantage point you could never really shoot, 3D makes for seriously special video.

Still photos can play a vital role in 3D animations where photo-real backgrounds are required. We have a range of photographers for every budget and art-direct the shots to ensure great results and sensational images you can use again elsewhere.

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Video ads

Video is fast overtaking banners as the medium of most engagement in online campaigns. Animation and clever use of stills keep costs under control while delivering suites of assets that can then be used on social media, websites and cross over into experiential environments including tradeshows, exhibits and events.

If you’re developing an explainer or other type of video, you’ll get great economies of scale as we reuse assets and themes to create matching video ads that follow the same creative direction.

We’re very collaborative so while we can also offer our sister agency, New Word Order, for campaign development, we love working with new agencies, too, to bring their creative to life.

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Live action

While much of this site is dedicated to animation, we have been making live action video for even longer and have a brilliant scalable crew that shot everything you see here, and so much more that isn’t ours to show.

Whether it be interview-based, auto-cued pieces to camera, documentation of events or full blown drama, we have the experience to concept, shoot and deliver video— ranging from low budget online video through to high-end TVCs and cinema executions. We also work with green screen and blend the two worlds of live action and 2D animation.

Stills are often a vital part of any video shoot where publishable images are also needed. They play a vital role in animations where photo-real scenarios are required. We have a range of shooters for every budget.

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"It's powerful to see your whole business defined in 90 seconds of video."

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